Friday, September 25, 2009

Ye mera Pakistan

Hey everybody!

Sorry for the delayed update. I was caught up with a little something, which, as a matter of fact, you guys will be seeing on your television screens from today. We did a re-do of our song ‘Ye mera Pakistan’ for the ICC Champions trophy 2009. You’ll find the new version a little more upbeat and pumped up, while you’ll find the video interesting in its own way for two reasons; we’re wearing the Pakistani cricket team’s uniform shirts and it has clips from the winning moments of the T20 cricket series which our national team own. Watching those clips gets you into this wonderful feeling of victory and brings to you a sense of national pride and patriotism.

Let me now tell you a little about the song and the video. We did this song a little over a week back. We recorded at Farhan Albert’s studio (who is Salman Albert's brother). We had a great time. Thanks guys! and by the way, we finished recording the song on my birthday.

Now about the video: I hadn’t slept the previous night because a few of my very close friends (we’ve been friends since my school days) were over at my place and they left after sehri ( we were playing poker :) i love that game!) . I got a call from MAQ (manager) around the same time, saying that we were shooting at 6am. That left me with only an hour to rest. Anyway, the shoot was fun. We all tried to put in all of our energy into it, and I hope that shows in the video. But oh boy, you can’t imagine how hot it was. When I got home, I really felt the pain of a poor old baked chicken that had been thrown into the oven lol. But over all, it was a very good experience. I hope you guys like the song/video. Do send in your feedback.

And yes, lets all pray for our cricket team so that they do well and come back home with the Champions Trophy and make us proud yet again! Our nation needs the moral boost.

I had a wonderful Eid. Started the day with going for Eid prayers, of course. I visited my grandmother on the way back. Spent time with my parents and went over to meet family. Had lots of delicious food (the best part of eid, haha). But sadly, I didn’t get much eidi, lol. I guess I’ve grown up a little too much for that.

It feels good to see that we have fans in Russia and Iran, and in such remote areas as the Rubwah village in Punjab. Thank you, all of you, for all your support :) .. Marra bisyar khushi maysha kay shumara music ey band ey ma khushim mayaey. (Persian). I hope the persian didn't have too many errors!

I’d like to take this opportunity to Thank and appreciate all those who made an effort to make my birthday special. I’d like to mention this girl, Saba Iftikhar, who made a sketch of me. I’m sure she put in a lot of time and energy to make it. Thank you, saba.

All the people who want to know when we’re visiting India: guys, to be really honest, after the Mumbai attacks, it has actually become pretty hard for a Pakistani artist to go to that side of the border to perform for an audience. Security issues, etc. But gradually, its becoming a little better. We’ve been getting calls for shows in India, and we’re actually in talks with a few people at the moment. We might just be visiting in the near future, so do keep a look out!

About your question, elle, regarding the Atif Aslam related video: As you can make out, it’s dubbed. It was nothing but a negative propaganda. But the band spoke with Atif about it. So it has all been cleared out with him and settled. You guys might not know this, but Atif and us are on pretty good terms.

Again I’d like to say, I can’t thank you guys enough for all the love and support you guys give to us, and also for the priceless and precious prays and wishes you extend to us. Thank you SO much.

I’d be updating next in a week or so. It feels good knowing that I have a way of communicating with you guys directly. :)

For all those who have been asking about our third album, we’re currently working on it. You’ll get to hear it early 2010, InshAllah.

Take care everybody, and stay safe!

(This picture is from my birthday. A lot of you guys asked me to upload something from my birthday, so here it is.)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Starting things off.

Hey guys!

I noticed that I wasn’t being so successful in communicating with all of you; responding to you, answering your questions, or even thanking you for all the precious prayers and wishes you guys send in. The thing is, it isn’t an easy job getting back to everyone, especially with so many things going on. So I came up with a solution and decided to start a web blog, where I’d write about myself and what’s going on in my life, and answer all what you guys wanted or want to know about me. You can mail me in your questions, or what you want me to write about, and I’ll definitely try and do that! :)

So here I am writing my first blog entry. Its my birthday today, well, it was at least (its past midnight now), and I can’t thank you guys enough for all the wishes and prayers that you’ve sent to me. Thanks a lot for making my day so special everybody. :) Also, my friends and family put together a surprise birthday party for me yesterday and I had an amazing time. Thanks guys!

Keeping in mind today’s occasion, I guess I should share with you some sort of a childhood memory. I haven’t really thought of what it’ll be. Hhmm.. I guess I’ll share a picture. It was taken at Trafalgar square, England. And the rest of the details, I have no idea! Lol. I found this so I decided to share it with you guys.

To all my fans: Just because I don’t have a way to express my gratitude to you guys and to show how much I appreciate the love and support you guys give to us, doesn’t mean it doesn’t mean anything to us. Jal is what it is JUST because of you guys!

Thank you so much for all the love and support :) .. I think this is enough for a start. Do mail in your comments and questions, and I’ll get back to you guys here. And this blog is a rough version and the real one is under construction. But I just couldn’t resist writing to you guys and thanking you for today! I’ll update soon. :)

Take care, everybody!